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From Martin Luther's own hymns to the present, the Lutheran Church has a rich tradition of praise and worship in music. Some of the most exquisite music of all time has been written by the likes of J.S. Bach, Handel, and Mendelssohn for the church.

At the same time, "the reforming church" has embraced music from throughout Christendom, even leading the way in the upper Midwest as the revival movement spread across Europe and the United States.

Today, the church continues to include the best of Christian worship music in its praise to God.

Hauge Lutheran has people who love to sing, including members of the renowned Luren Singers. We also love to have special music, and recently enjoyed a medley from "O Brother, Where Art Thou" presented by students from Luther College, and a hand bell performance presented by Carole Fox of the Decorah Bell Choir.

We encourage everyone with interest in music to join with us in music worship. As a small church, we welcome and encourage you to give your praise to God in music. Please let us know your interests.

Special thanks

To Dave Edwards and Kate Jones for their rendition on Father's Day of "Child of Mine" presented for the baptism of Teagan Hailey Fadness.

To Music Minister from St. John's, Stacy Duren, who led the music worship on Renewal Sunday, with friends from Luther College, involving violin, cello, and piano. We look forward to their soon return to worship with us again.

Special thanks, also, to Pastor Gene's grandson, Joseph Olynyk, who is a music major at Luther College, and who sang a beautiful rendition of "The Holy City" for us on Palm Sunday.


Sunday, December 12th, at 2:00 p.m. Annual Christmas Concert of the Luren Singers this year at Washington Prairie Church south of Decorah .


This is the 143rd Anniversary Year of the Luren Singing Society including Hauge Church family members


The Luren Singers


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